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How We Helped We Feature You Generate 300 Qualified Sales Calls in 90 Days 

Our client, a Canadian PR firm, was struggling to generate leads and drive sales. Despite having a strong brand and a talented team, they were struggling to reach their target audience and convert leads into paying customers. In this case study, we’ll examine how Alphoric was able to help a public relations firm double its booked appointments, increase its average deal size and increase its conversions. This particular company is different from traditional public relations firms yet the lead-generation strategies and frameworks that helped them grow remained the same. They specialize in featuring top entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses in the tech, financial and consulting industries. Keep reading to learn more on how we booked 300+ qualified sales calls with cold email.

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Qualified Sales Calls In 90 Days

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increase in deal size and close rate


This public relations firm contacted us early in 2022 to increase the number of booked appointments and to reach out to qualified potential clients.

They specialize in providing placement in mainstream media publications like Forbes, Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, and FOX. Their client’s main goals were to increase their authority and credibility so that they could close more deals, raise funding, and ultimately grow their business and personal brand.

Our outreach team knew it was important to prioritize the clients that had the ability to pay for their higher tier services and to ensure that those leads were close if not already ready to buy PR services.

They had tried outreach services in the past but the agencies they hired didn’t do enough testing to determine results and were satisfied with the results they were getting, even though it didn’t convert into paying clients.

Even though these agencies used selling points like hyper-personalization and targeted lead lists, we found that the personalization didn’t make the reader of the email feel as if it was directed only to them. The other concern our clients had was while the leads were great, they typically didn’t have great availability leading to an increased rate of no-shows and people who had already fixed their problem.

Their team also had vast experience in cold email and had used other lead-generation services in the past with varying levels of success. They had the capability to generate 2-4 meetings/week and were using solid outreach frameworks. 

When our outreach team spoke with them we saw most of their calls were unqualified and they didn’t take the work on the front end to determine who they should be reaching out to.

Our Outbound Cold Email Strategy

Given that they had tested scripts to the point where there wasn’t a lot of data and testing required we focused more on reverse engineering their ideal client profile, offer, and other key factors.

We started first with the offer. Having used public relations services and knowing numerous high-level entrepreneurs that have in the past. One of the common concerns was the ability to deliver and to deliver quickly. This led us to shift the PR firm’s offer to one that was performance-based. 

When we started they were working out with financial advisors and financial services executives. This wasn’t the ideal niche for them given market timing and the average deal size being low. Given the industry’s awareness level, we decided to shift them to industries that use media coverage to grow as they were more likely to see it as a value add.

One thing we did was to reach out to old leads that never converted with the news that they had shifted to a performance-based model. This generated 3 deals within the first week.

We then focused on reaching out to companies that either had the necessary funds, and experience or were at the right time to invest in public relations services.

This involved building lists of contacts using sites like Apollo, Y Combinator, Crunchbase, and the INC 5000 list. We then narrowed down the candidates within the company who had the ability to make decisions. We mainly reached out to Founders, and C-Suite prospects at smaller companies but as company size grew we reached out to tertiary decision makers at the VP, Director & Head levels.

Even though they were able to find large amounts of success before we helped with their script, we were able to make their emails more relevant. The other key point was doing this at scale as they had aggressive goals. This led to a 72% increase in reply rate.

A couple of ways we did this 

  • Mentioning reviews or some form of personalization in the opening line
  • Segmenting our lead lists to demonstrate relevant case studies
  • Segmenting to call out the target audience

The other aspect we spent a large amount of time on was testing frameworks that would convert leads into booked appointments. Going from selling over email to just giving enough information to become curious was critical in this.

Once a lead became an appointment we implemented a sequence that sent out case studies, explanations on the public relations company, and background info to ensure the person who booked a meeting was prepared. This increased the meeting show rate.

As we continued to use real-time data instead of guesswork to determine the ideal scripts, and client avatar we scaled the campaigns that turned into the best deals for the public relations firm. They ended up with 6 5+figure deals in this 90 days span, with one being worth $50k. This didn’t include the numerous 4 figure deals they closed using our services.


Overall using these strategies, this Canadian-based public relations firm was able to generate hundreds of qualified sales calls while alleviating the bottlenecks they had internally and with other outbound lead generation firms.


No matter who your ideal client avatar is, our outbound prospecting services can help you increase your reply rate, generate more leads into clients quicker, and help expand your business.

As a public relations firm specializing in high-level press placements, this client saw the need to reach out to higher-level prospects through hyper-relevant and efficient cold emails. We even offer similar services like awards, podcasts, and media placements which we integrate into our client’s businesses to ensure that they are the frontrunner if other businesses were involved.

Everything this client accessed was available through our outbound prospecting services. They worked side-by-side with a dedicated campaign manager who provided insight into our tests, results and utilized their real-time feedback to monitor and make adjustments. This led to a complete alignment of business goals.

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