Here's How You Can Get 6-16 Sales Calls Every Week

Close High Quality B2B Clients With A Simple Systemized AI Outreach Process That Generates More Sales From Hard To Reach Prospects

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How We Book Pre-Qualified Meetings In Four Easy Steps

List Building

We build lead lists of your ideal prospects.

Optimal Copy

Our in-house writing team will draft email copy that is hyper-personalized to maximize reply rate.


Our Proprietary custom-built email sending software ensures all emails are delivered as expected.

Meetings Booked

We will reply to all leads and book calls to you calendar. All you have to do is show up and close!

Case Studies

How We Generated A Top PR Firm 300 Sales Calls in 90 Days 

Our client, a Canadian PR firm, was struggling to generate leads and drive sales. Despite having a strong brand and a talented team, they were struggling to reach their target audience and convert leads into paying customers. In this case study, we’ll examine how Alphoric was able to help a public relations firm double its booked appointments, increase its average deal size and increase its conversions. This particular company is different from traditional public relations firms yet the lead-generation strategies and frameworks that helped them grow remained the same. They specialize in featuring top entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses in the tech, financial and consulting industries. Keep reading to learn more on how we booked 300+ qualified sales calls with cold email.

How We Increased A Sales Automation Software’s Monthly Recurring Revenue By 72% In The First 40 Days

Our client, a B2B sales automation software, was looking to amplify their current sales efforts. Even though they were seeing great results, they weren’t able to see good results outside of a very hyper-specialized focus. This company isn’t a typical B2B software yet the outbound strategies remained similar and were amplified by our frameworks. They specialize in generating lead lists by extracting emails, and phones on the page of websites or on social media platforms and making it simple to use within cold outbound outreach.

The No-Brainer Option

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In-House Hire

Time To Launch

48 Hours

2-4 Weeks

4-8 Weeks

Learning Curve

Customized Solutions

1-1 24/7 Support

Odds of Failing

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Full Business Integration

Authority Amplification

Performance Based

Frequent Questions

What does pay per qualified appointment mean?

You only pay for each qualified sales meeting we book on your calendar.

What if the lead isn't qualified?

Our leads only target high-quality sophisticated buyers that you’ve given approval. These leads are interested in your product or service and are ready to schedule a call to learn more. We reach out to a pre-approved list of leads with a highly personalized message and then book the ones that have expressed interest in doing so already.

Does our team have to do anything?

No, we take care of everything from list-building, managing replies, inbox setup, and creating copy.

How do you hand the leads off?

We'll book them directly on your calendar, all you have to do is show up and close.

What if we get too many sales meetings?

We'll refine your systems to help you scale and help you handle increased volume. We'll monitor when we come close to your threshold and help you determine the necessary steps your business needs to take to increase your revenue.

Why shouldn't I hire in-house?

Our performance based model removes unnecessary overhead, time to train, and poor results. Hiring the wrong person can set your company back months.

Can we pay ONLY when we close?

Even though this is a partnership, we do not base our income solely off of external sales performance or lack thereof.

We would add a bonus fee for each lead that closes if a more performance based model is what you have in mind.

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